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Glen Superville was born in April 1983. When his father suddenly passed in 1984, Glen’s mother decided to move to America to give Glen and his older sister a greater opportunity at life. Glen was an adventurous child spending many days exploring on his bicycle. In his teenage years, Glen found a love for business and a satisfaction in helping people. Glen’s mother is an accountant and real estate professional of 27 years. Glen, at the age of 14, was his mother’s first assistant. He handled many of the administrative and IT responsibilities. Glen loved the field so much that he majored in accounting when he attended college. In college, Glen found himself on the Dean’s list for his exceptional academic performance. With the desire to continue helping people, Glen founded Kings Media. He saw that many of his mothers’ clients would start businesses, form new corporations, and then have no clue what to do next when it came to branding and marketing. Kings Media solved that issue. This full-service media company provided web services, business cards, print services, and many other business-based services. Kings Media was eventually changed to Keys Media when Glen founded Keys Institute, an academy providing workshops for local youth with a focus on art, media, marketing, and technology. The vision of Keys Institute led Glen to found Keys 4 Kids, Inc., a not-for-profit providing school supplies, resources, and support to inner city children. Glen was named the New Yorker of the week by NY1, a leading news outlet in the New York City area, for handing out bookbags and school supplies to over 500 children at the same elementary school that he attended as a child. Keys 4 Kids, Inc. also did a five city Christmas Toy Drive in 2014. Glen found a family shelter in each borough of New York City and coordinated a toy give away for the children residing in each shelter. The five city Christmas Toy Drive was a great success with over 750 toys given away and the collaborative help of over 30 volunteers. With music and food, each giveway was a much-needed Christmas event for the children and the parents living in the shelters, and also for the team of volunteers.

Glen considers being a father as his greatest accomplishment and his children take the priority in his life. He drives his daughters to school every morning and he is there to pick them up every afternoon. Glen has done his best to expose his daughters, at an early age, to gymnastics, acting, dance, charity work, horse-back riding, and piano. When his daughters get out of the car to go to school, they know what they will hear from their father as they exit: “Don’t be average, be extraordinary!” This premise and the love for his daughters inspired Glen to author “Kid Cents: Becoming a Kidpernuer”, a financial literacy book for children.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Glen founded American Harbor, a non-profit empowering low to moderate income citizens by providing a pathway out of poverty and into financial wellness. Glen is determined to make American Harbor a household name. Glen also continues to grow and develop Keys Media. However, Glen’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to recently co-found Trusty Trucking Inc, a transportation company delivering general freight in all 48 lower states.

Glen cannot change the past, but he is determined to increase and elaborate on the good that he has accomplished for his future. He reads at least one self-help book each month and is always on the phone with a friend discussing ways to be better in business, better in health, and overall, better in life. Glen has a young family, both established and growing businesses, a positive support system, and an innate desire to continue improving in every aspect of his life. What started as casually helping out at his mother’s local church has turned into a newfound love for God and a unwavering commitment to rewarding Church work. He is now the Minister of Media, but he is ready, able, and willing to fulfill whatever role he finds himself in.

Kids Cents

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School’s out and Nailah and Tali hope to ride their way through fun adventures this summer. There is only one problem: The girls do not have enough money to purchase new bikes. Come along for the adventure and see how the girls find a new way to start a business, set goals, invest money, and achieve success. Stay tuned for more adventures with Nailah and Tali where they learn more about fundraising, teamwork and much more!





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